10 Tiny Home Offices That Get the Job Done

When it comes to creating a home office, bigger isn’t necessarily better. After all, thanks to laptops, phones, and other small but mighty gadgets, you no longer need to dedicate an entire room to your business endeavors — unless you want to, of course.

Especially if you’re a skilled multi-tasker, you may want to set up shop in other parts of your home and get a little work done without feeling isolated. Regardless of square footage, you can still enjoy an efficient and stylish work station.

Let’s take a look at some small home offices that may inspire you to get down to business and design one of your own.

1. What’s cooking?

The kitchen is typically one of the busiest rooms in the house, so if you carve out a spot to get some work done, you can truly think of this as your command center. Adding a compact, wireless keyboard means you can prepare dinner at the same time you’re responding to email. Nice work if you can get it!

2. Bye, bye, bulletin board!

You never have to risk stepping barefoot on another push pin again if you swap your old bulletin board for some chalk paint. Not only is it functional, but also it’s on trend and gives a neater appearance than dozens of index cards and Post Its. Use different shades of chalk to color code your to-do list and you won’t need to buy any artwork for your office.

3. Off the wall

When you see this small-but-sweet setup, you must admit taking work home with you doesn’t seem nearly as overwhelming. This modern design can blend seamlessly with nearly any room in the house. So, no more excuses!

4. Closet industry

Closing up shop just got a little easier. Since this office is brilliantly hidden inside a closet, it’s super easy to shut those doors and leave the working world behind. The mirror inside this one creates the illusion of more space. Give this designer a raise!

5. Little corner office

If you have a tight spot where it seems like little other than a potted plant might flourish, it may just be the right place to grow your business. This tidy corner is tucked in so neatly, it looks like this makeshift office was meant to be there all along.

6. Creative team

Eliminate any fighting about just whose office it is when you put this dual desk solution to work for you. It offers twice the space without taking up much room at all. The dividing wall offers privacy so you won’t be tempted to distract your partner with idle “office” chit-chat.

7. Climbing the corporate ladder

This space-saving leaning desk offers everything you need in one super-organized spot. And, did we mention it’s only 28 inches wide? Plus, it gives the wall a bit of interest and contains everything you need, even a pull out drawer. Dress it up with a comfortable chair and you’ll get more done here than you ever did at “work.” It’s perfect for apartment living, too.

8. Working undercover

Areas under a staircase are notoriously underused. Here’s an opportunity to change all that. If you’re handy, this might be the perfect DIY side hustle. If you’re not, consult with a local contractor who can give you an estimate — and that office nook you didn’t even know you wanted.

9. Windowsills get a workout

This home office is perfect for the bootstrapped entrepreneur who doesn’t want to cough up any cash on a shared working space. You can do this one on the cheap, and yet it’s totally fun and functional.

10. Working all the angles

Don’t lose a potentially perfect piece of real estate just because it falls under an eave. A long desk and low chair make this angular office a hidden gem. Just try not to jump up quickly when you close a deal.