10 Ways to Stretch Your Kitchen Space

If there’s anything you can never have enough of in your kitchen, it’s space. All it takes is needing that next high tech appliance, having to make that extra portion of food, or even one more mouth to feed. Suddenly that 12″ x 8″ kitchen feels more like something out of Barbie’s club house.
Well take a deep breath and feel some relief. Here are 10 things you can do to maximize the space in your kitchen.

1. The cook top needs drawers

Seriously, every stove needs some drawers to hold all of those extra noodles.

2. What can’t you hang on pegboard?

It’s like Velcro for everything you can’t Velcro.

3. Sneaky storage racks

These stealthy storage racks can make you feel like what happens when a chef and a secret agent fall in love.

4. The best islands are like onions

They have layers. Many useful layers.

5. Those lonely cabinet ends?

They just need friends to hang out with.

6. Don’t forget toe kick drawers

And don’t forget to close them, or they’ll become “toe stub drawers.”

7. Is there room above the stove?

Hanging a pot rack is a tried and true way to make room.

8. Are your shelves lazy?

With some dividers, you can double or triple the workload for the same space.

9. Even the smallest wall spaces are usable

All it takes is a little creativity.

10. Of course, the cabinet doors

Because there’s no end to the amount of spices a kitchen needs.

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