15 Nifty Ways To Transform An Unused Closet

All articles can’t be fun ‘n games. Gotta toss you some fun tips, tricks, and “home hacks” from time to time, too. 🙂 There’s some nifty ideas in this one.

Many of us suffer from lack of closet space in our homes. However, some folks are living with the exact opposite “problem” — an over-abundance of dead space (aka, unused closets). If so, here are 15 potential closet hacks to maximize your space.

1. Make a hip “homework haven”

Apply a coat of chalkboard paint, and if your child needs help with their homework, use the wallspace as a chalkboard. Get the tutorial here.

2. Design a hideout for your kid

Cut out a foam mattress pad to fit the the closet floor. Throw in some cushy pillows, line shelves with books, and create soft lighting. Find the full tutorial here.

3. Create a canopy bed

Remove closet doors and simply nudge crib against the inside wall. Perfect for kids who share a room.

4. Set up a mini-workshop

Create a permanent home for your bulky sewing machine or other household tools. Learn how to make a DIY pegboard here.

5. Design a hideaway office

Interior designer Killy Scheer created a hip, space-saving office that disappears with the tug of a curtain.

6. Make extra seating

To maximize playroom space, transform the closet into a seating nook for kids. Get the full tutorial here.

7. Create a changing station

Save space in the nursery by placing bulky furniture inside the closet. Get the full tutorial here.

8. Create a bright & open (yet out-of-the-way) workspace

Set up shop in the sunniest room in the house, and save space in the process by opening the closet doors and positioning a small desk that fits perfectly into the allotted space.

9. Design a double-duty reading nook on the fly

For a quick home project, place pillows and a furry rug (like this one from Ikea) on the closet floor. Draw the curtain back and create a cozy reading space for kids. Keep clothes hanging. Get the full tutorial here.

10. Display your artwork

Lacking wall space? Utilize the closet as to showcase your artwork. Roll a coat of paint to create an accent wall, and use the rear wall to display framed photos and other art.

11. Set up a craft working station

A photo posted by @small_style_living on

Via acupofmai.com

Fasten a pegboard to the inside of the closet door to organize your materials and tools. For your desk, lay a piece of pre-cut wood (which you can get from most hardware stores) across two filing cabinets.

12. Create a sleeping nook

Move your bed into the closet (or purchase a smaller one if it doesn’t fit). If necissary, ditch the headboard and snag some bed legs (like these from Ikea; $20).

13. Turn it into a bar

Either install countertops or use a marble-topped desk in an irregularly-shaped closet for a modern wet bar. Add two stools so guests can pour, sit, and chat.

14. Transform it into a wine cellar

Install a wine refrigerator or simply stack a few wine racks (like these from Walmart; $65 each) to store your vino.

15. Create a mini laundromat

Remove closet doors for extra space that can accommodate a washer, dryer, and shelves. You’ll likely need to hire a plumber to install the necessary water lines, and an electrician to upgrade your wiring.

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