16 Lesser Known Ways To Beef Up Your Home’s Security

Extra security is important for protecting your family and valuables against burglars, crazy in-laws, and random zombie apocalypses. Unfortunately, those deadbolted doors and locked windows won’t likely keep out the truly determined. We all know a good guard dog and martial arts are excellent ways to deal with intruders, but why not stack everything you can in your favor? Here are some excellent ideas for doing just that.

1. The SimLOCK is an effective way to protect your deadbolt from getting picked.

2. Door jambs made in the last ten years are often a bit weak. Reinforce them for better security.

3. Glass doors need all the help they can get. Beef up your patio doors with The Door Guardian.

4. Get some window alarms to make sure you know when they open. You can also find some here.

5. Scare the pants off of someone who thinks they made a silent entry with this hidden door alarm.

6. Here’s an awesome way to reinforce your garage side door. Use two-by-fours, plywood, and brackets.

Attach the plywood into the door with drywall screws and test out the two-by-fours to see how thick you’ll need your filler strips to be.

7. Of course, who doesn’t know about utilizing a safe for your expensive goods?

8. Leaving your keys under a mat, or plant pot? Yeah… no one has thought of that before. Try this lock box instead.

9. Would someone explain why anyone would leave sensitive information exposed in a mailbox for anyone to grab? This mailbox will fix that problem right up.

10. Use a peephole to see who’s at your door before opening it.

11. This keychain garage door opener stays on your person. It will prevent a thief from finding the easy way into your home after breaking into your car.

12. Go the extra mile before you go on vacation and physically lock your garage door.

13. Here’s a really good way to reinforce your door’s sturdiness against a forced entry.

14. Slow burglars down with a security guard lock. It may not seem like much, but a break-in delay can only stack more odds in your favor.

15. Crooks will be far less likely to mess with a home that has videographic memory that you can monitor from your phone.

16. Or you can go the distance and protect your home with a complete Honeywell system.

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