17 Sneaky Products To Make You And Your Home Feel More Secure

There’s always a way to cheaply upgrade your home’s security, and help you feel just a bit safer when you’re off on a long trip, or entrenched in a yearly Scream marathon. Here are 17 helpful options to ensure you have the extra edge against any would-be intruder. Amazon links are included.

1. Here’s a smartphone garage door controller that lets you open and close the garage from anywhere, and know if someone else opens or closes it.


2. Concerned about losing your valuable packages to neighborhood thieves? This “Gorilla Box” will keep your deliveries safe and sound.


3. Imagine a cat burglar cleverly picking your lock, and ever so stealthily opening your door. Now imagine said cat burglar promptly soiling their pants when the door jams on this noisy door stop.

That satisfying smile will only cost you $11.33.

4. Whether you want to be able to see what’s going on inside your house before you enter, pre-light your way to a room, or make your neighbors think your house is haunted, this Wi-Fi light switch is for you!


5. A clever floor mat is a simple way to deter would be thieves. Your family will thank you. Your neighbors on the other hand…

$34.95 and excommunication from Bobby’s annual Christmas bash down the street.

6. Here’s a portable door lock that was a 2012 Amazon Top Holiday Seller. It helps make any door just a little bit more secure.


Dictionaries are some of the most overlooked books ever made, right along with Knitting for Dummies, and random field guides to slime molds. So why not have a safe disguised as one?


8. Lets face it. You really want to feel like a boss with a BARSKA Biometric Safe. How can you not feel more secure with a safe that reads your thumbprint, and sounds like it was named after some mythical viking hero?


9. What about those determined thieves that just want to smash the door in? This security bar can withstand about 350 lbs of meathead.

Not bad for $17.98!

10. These “peel and stick” motion sensor LEDs can be placed anywhere. At $14.67, they are so cheap that you can turn your property into one big spacecraft landing beacon.

11. Lockable armoires are a stylish way to keep your valuables out of greedy hands. Being made of walnut wood, this armoire is likely too heavy to carry off.


12. Get the preemptive “Nope” on annoying door to door solicitors with this video doorbell.


13. Here’s a $13.00 portable security alarm that gives you the heads up if someone jimmied open your door.

14. The Kuna security system is a lantern with a camera, two way intercom, motion detection, and alarm. Add in the fact that it takes about 15 minutes to install and this $200.00 smart cam is quite the bargain.

15. Don’t have the cash for security cams? Try some fake ones that blind your intruders with LED lighting. At $8.00, what more can you ask for?

16. A fitted “Security” dog shirt can make any canine companion a bit more intimidating. Unless you own a miniature corgi. Nothing will make that intimidating.


17. Then there are the “Whimsical Gnomeland Security” statues. Seriously, about the only strategy with these is to be alerted of a burglar’s laughter when they see an army of Gnomes barring the door from entry. Aside from that… At least your Grandma will think they are cute.


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