4 Summer Backyard DIY Projects And Crafts For The Whole Family

Summer is right around the corner, and if you’re a parent, that means the end of school is right around the corner as well. Having the kids home for the summer is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time together as a family. And while summer staples like day trips to the beach and nights spent roasting marshmallows around a campfire are sure to be a hit, why not flex your creative muscles and throw some summer-themed DIY projects and crafts into the mix?

DIY projects and crafts are a great way to channel creative energy for the whole family and keep kids busy and engaged throughout the summer months. Here are X summer-themed DIY projects and crafts perfect for the whole family:

1. Water gun painting

Squirt guns are great for summer water fights, but with a little creativity, they’re also great for art projects! Water gun painting is a great way to re-purposing your Super Soakers and squirt guns to help your kids experience a new, fun, and creative way of painting.

Set up an easel in your backyard and rest a canvas against the edge or clip on a few sheets of watercolor paper. Fill a few water guns with liquid watercolors and have your children shoot the paint directly onto the canvas or paper.

The paint will create fun splatter patterns and as your children squirt different colors, the watercolors will mix to add depth to their squirt gun creations. For more in-depth instructions, be sure to check out this water gun painting tutorial.

2. Garden beds

Summer is arguably the best time of year for gardening, with healthy staples like tomatoes, corn, cucumbers and peppers being in season. Getting your family involved in the gardening process can help teach kids about responsibility, sustainability and enable them to make better eating choices.

Garden beds are a great way to create a dedicated space in your yard for gardening. You can buy garden beds at any home improvement store or, if you want to go the DIY route, build them yourself.

Once your garden beds are set up, have your family help you choose the fruits and vegetables you want to grow, then plant the seeds as a family. Have each family member take responsibility for watering and maintaining one of the beds or set a schedule that dictates when each plant should be watered and who is responsible for watering it. Giving your kids the opportunity to take care of your gardening project will help them to become more responsible and give them a sense of ownership in the process. And you won’t believe how excited they’ll be once the food is ripe and ready to eat!

3. Fourth of july fun

A highlight of the season for many families here in the US is the Fourth of July. With the weather at its peak and BBQs and fireworks galore, this holiday is a summer favorite for children and parents alike.

It’s also an opportunity for a myriad of fun crafts and DIY projects to enjoy with your family. Hosting a backyard BBQ to celebrate the holiday? Make these patriotic string lights to string around your backyard to add some all-American ambiance and put together some American flag fruit skewers to serve to your guests. Want to create some personalized patriotic decor to get in the spirit of the holiday? Help your kids with this handprint flag craft to create a personalized 4th of July piece to display on the refrigerator.

There are countless opportunities for fun crafts and DIY projects based on the Fourth of July (just take a look at Pinterest!).

4. Lightning bug catcher

One of summer’s most beloved pastimes is chasing and catching lightning bugs. In order to ensure the bug’s safety and eventual re-release back into the wild, kids need a lightning bug catcher complete with air holes.

You could just use a jar, but a personalized lightning bug catcher is much more fun. This DIY lightning bug catcher allows kids to put their own personalized stamp on their catcher, making a unique home for their new, sparkly friends.

Summer is a time for family fun, and these DIY projects and crafts will help to ensure that your family is entertained and having fun all the way through to fall.