When I think of getting a swimming pool, I usually think of two things. First, how relaxing and wonderful it would be during the broiling summer heat. Second, can my pocket book budget such a luxury? Well, dear reader, Torben Jung decided to focus on the first thought, and make the second one obsolete. Did he just get a better job? No. He decided to upcycle some materials into something that anyone could be proud of having in their backyard. Check it out!

Jung decided to grab some pallets from the internet. (Here’s an online service that helps you locate wood pallets across the US.)

With some nylon comealongs and some wooden connections, he was able to get the pool shape down perfectly.

To ensure this puppy would hold water, multiple layers of waterproof lining were used.

Of course, he had to finish it off with the classic blue layering.

The pallets just aren’t that stylish. A little siding fixes the aesthetics right up.

Jung attached a pool pump for water quality assurance, and then filled her up.

Finally, after putting in the effort and only spending $77, Jung is ready to cool his heels in style.

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