Once again, some faithful agents have contributed photos in from around the world, giving us all look into the bizarre things one can find within homes of random strangers. So whether you’re in the mood to scratch your head in bewilderment, or just have a laugh (we bet it’ll be both), these photos will certainly entertain you.

1. This high-tech security system will also protect this home from getting sold.

Via: Stephanie Wetzstein

2. These fancy supports must be there to distract from the unsightly plumbing.

Via: Chrissy Vaselaros-Stevenson

3. Because moving the thermostat is just WAAAY too much work.

Via: Craig Fialkowski

4. Go from hot meal to hot tub in mere seconds!

Via: Jordan Hoskins

5. “I just can’t figure out why the pizza always tastes like Cascade!”

Via: Julie Kelly Knight

6. Lots of storage… for things you’ll never need again.

Via: Kelly Convirs Fowler

7. Exactly at what point does it become overkill?

Via: Laurine McClue

8. Before recessed lighting was cool.

Photo and caption sent in by: Lindsay Reid

9. If it overflows, who do you call first — a plumber or carpet cleaner?

Via: Lynn Weber

10. Grandiose staircase with magnificent views!

Via: Nelya Calev

11. Proof that Herbie really did go bananas. (1980 movie reference, you whippersnappers)

Via: Odedd Dayan

12. As seen on H(illbilly)GTV

Via: Ryan C. Sanford

13. Meet Happy, the town’s most intimidating guard dog.

Via: Name

14. Possibly the most voyeur-friendly bathroom I’ve ever seen.

Via: Steve Noga

15. In case your misbehaving husband requires an extended-stay doghouse.

Via: Susan Hayes Perzigian

16. “You had ONE job!”

Via: Susan K Thomas

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