Yet another set of unexpected finds in the world of real estate. Big thanks to our contributing fans! This serves as another reminder that not all homes are created equal. Whether it’s baffling house designs, mysterious pets, or nightmarish decorations, we have something for you.

#1 Some dogs get the backyard. This lucky dog gets his own island!

#2 Celebrate your new home purchase with a bang!

Photo submitted by Kelly Wheeler

#3 Well that’s certainly a new way to answer nature’s calling.

#4 Here’s the obligatory “You had one job” photo. via Debbie Penegor-Cote

#5 This home comes with bacon. Won’t last long! via Brandi Wells Bourgeois

#6 Don’t sit on this one, won’t stay on the market long! via Christie Giannetto

#7 Beat it pal! Your time here has expired. via Holly Pereira

#8 Walls just take up space anyway. via Kristin Aursland Cooper

#9 Spacious bathroom! Perfect for entertaining… yourself. via Tabia Berry

#10 “Here’s a selling point… Get rid of that. Yesterday!” via Jerami King

#11 You can put black lipstick on a white fridge, but it’s still a white fridge. via Alie Fonseca

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