Can A Real Estate Agent Pay You A Referral Fee?

You’ve done a real estate agent a solid. You hooked him/her up with a client.

That agent is going to make a nice chunk of change. You also saved him/her the time, effort, and money of finding a client.

So, you might think that it’d be nice if that agent gave you a little hunk of that chunk.

It’s not an uncommon thought or request. Agents are asked to do this quite a bit.

And each and every time, they say no. It might come across as being greedy, or unappreciative, but it isn’t.

Unfortunately, real estate agents can’t give you any money for finding them a client; they’d lose their license for doing so.

Even if they really wanted to give you some money, and feel you deserve to get a piece of the pie, their hands are tied.

See, as agents we are bound by laws, rules, and regulations.

Appreciation and compensation have to come in other forms…

That doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t do something for you.

Maybe it simply boils down to referring business to you.

Or, perhaps remembering you when they hear about an awesome job opening you would be perfect for.

They might even give you some sort of a gift. (Although, even the monetary amount of a gift can be subject to limits by law.)

Perhaps they’ll take it into consideration when you buy or sell a home through them, and give you a better commission rate.

So, why should you bother with referring someone to a particular agent?

What exactly do you get out of it?!

It really boils down to supporting a real estate agent you trust in. Someone you want to see succeed. Not for your personal gain, but because you know the agent will do the best job possible for the person you are referring.

Most likely, it’s going to be more appreciated than the agent can ever express, or repay to you. But there’s also a good chance that the agent will do something to repay you in whatever way he/she can.

Just don’t get upset, or hold it against an agent, for not agreeing to give you a referral or finder’s fee. It’s entirely beyond his/her control.

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