Design Trends To Create The Perfect Outdoor Space This Summer

Summer is the season for spending time outdoors. And one of the best ways to enjoy your time outdoors while at home? Sprucing up your outdoor space.

A recent article from home furnishings retailer Living Spaces outlined some of the top design trends to incorporate into your outdoor space this summer, including:

  • Pops of bright color. Balance out neutral pieces with pops of bright color. Lemon yellow and coral are particularly on-trend this season; as outlined in the article, according to Google Trends, searches for “lemon yellow” have increased by 103 percent over the past six months—while “coral” searches are up 50 percent.
  • Fire pits. Fire pits are a surefire way to lend a cozy, communal feel to your outdoor space. For a look that feels especially on trend this summer, try industrial metal.
  • Outdoor tiles. Using outdoor tiles can help define your outdoor space and help add color and personality. “Outdoor tiles are just another example of how consumers are choosing to ‘bring the indoors out,’ to rethink and take a hold of their outdoor spaces,” Living Spaces Designer Cha’queza Telp said in the article.

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