16 Clever Dollar Store Tricks To Combat Kitchen Clutter

Cheap and easy is the name of the game with these kitchen decluttering tricks and DIYs. It doesn’t matter if it’s the pantry, the refrigerator, or your drawers, you can spend less and get more with these dollar store improvements. Let the thrifty fixing begin!

1. Organize your fridge with some container bins. This is especially helpful for larger households.

2. The same bins work great for the pantry.

3. Cutlery drawers can get chaotic quick. Getting proper baskets will help.

4. Don’t need baskets for cutlery? There are plenty of other uses.

5. Tension rods are a great way to keep your cutting boards, cookie sheets, and other such items in check.

6. You can also use a wire rack and some zip ties to do the job.

7. Paper goods and placemats are nice and light. A mounted magazine filer can keep them tidied up.

8. Stack your canned food using wired trays.

9. Glass containers are an easy, airtight, and affordable way to store your dry goods.

10. Dress up your drawers with some inexpensive gift wrapping liners.

11. Binders are a great way to store your favorite recipes.

12. Just when you thought we covered all uses for small baskets, there’s this cool magnet trick!

13. Want an easy pot and pan storage solution? Use s-hooks and binder clips.

14. Self-adhesive hooks are awesome for organizing your measuring spoons.

15. You can use wax paper to make cleaning future fridge messes much easier. See how here.

16. Tired of wasting so much plastic wrap when storing food? Shower caps to the rescue!

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