Video tours have exploded in popularity in 2020. And for good reason! Video tours are a great alternative for buyers who are unable to tour properties in person (for example, buyers who are looking for a home in a different state or who have safety concerns due to COVID).

But while video tours can definitely take the place of an in-person tour, if you really want to get a detailed look at the condition of the property, you need to know what to ask your agent to focus on—and that includes in the living room.

A recent article from a outlined some of the living room details that could prove tough to spot during a video tour (details you’ll definitely want to ask your agent for a closer look at), including:

The Takeaway:

Bottom line? If you’re using video to tour a potential property, it’s important to know what details tend to get missed on video tours—then ask your agent to zoom in on those details so you can get a better look and make a more informed decision about whether the home is the right fit for you. And that includes details in the living room!