If you’re expecting a visit from friends or family, chances are you want to make them feel as comfortable in your home as possible. Of course, luxurious linens and plush towels go a long way toward taking your guest room to hotel heights, but there are other, less-pricey ways to welcome your visitors and make sure they enjoy a relaxing stay.

Here are some tips for making guests feel like they’ve traveled to a high-end oasis without breaking the bank.

1 - Keep them connected

Your guests may want to check email or do a little work during their stay. Leave out a card with your wifi password so they’re able to easily connect to the internet. It’s a thoughtful touch that beats you or your guest having to go check the back of your router.

If the room includes a television with tricky-to-use controls, place a sheet of instructions that detail how to navigate your remotes. This will save them time and the trouble of coming to find you if they want to unwind at the end of the day.

2 - Provide a little refreshment

Staying hydrated is important while traveling and sight-seeing. Place a basket of water bottles in the guest room as well as light snacks, like a bowl of apples, which do double duty as a decorative item. Consider a bottle of wine if you know your visitors would appreciate it. If they’re early risers, you could go the extra mile and include a single-serve coffee maker (with an assortment of brews) that will allow them to brew their own beverages without waking up the rest of the family.

3 - Make space for clothing

Before guests arrive, be sure to clear some room in drawers as well as your closet so travelers can unpack and feel a bit more at home. If they’ve been on the road for a while, or are in town for a special celebration, they may appreciate an iron at the ready as well.

4 - Access to the home

By providing guests with their own set of keys to your home, as well as codes to security alarms, visitors are able to maintain a bit of independence. If they’d like to set out early for a run, or take a post-dinner walk, they won’t need to disturb you in the process.

5 - Indulge in some down-time

Hosts and guests alike appreciate some time to themselves. Provide reading material as well as a bedside light that lets visitors spend some quiet moments relaxing in the room. Including a guide that highlights your city or town’s history and hotspots gets guests inspired and excited to check out your local area. If you’re feeling really endeavorous, print out a list of your favorite places and things to do and see.

6 - Freshen it up

Flowers and candles create instant atmosphere at the same time they provide a gentle aroma and a sense of warmth and calm. You may want to check first to see if your guests have any allergies before adding fresh blooms to the room. But if not, this is a sure-fire way to dress up the space without spending a fortune.

7 - Ensure nothing’s forgotten

If your guests packed in haste, chances are they forgot a few things. Offer a sampling of travel-size shampoos, conditioners, body lotion, dental floss, toothpaste, and an extra toothbrush. Anyone who left these key items behind will be pleasantly surprised and eternally grateful for your thoughtfulness.

You don’t have to go to great expense to make your visitors feel at home while they’re in your home. It’s those small details that make a guest room feel more like a high-end retreat, and a stay at your home one to remember. You’ll certainly earn yourself a reputation as a great host! But, be careful, you may end up getting more visitors more often!