Hosting An Open House? This Is What Buyers Are Looking For

Open houses can be an extremely effective strategy for selling your home—but only if your house is ready for buyers.

A recent article in the Washington Post outlined the top ten things buyers should look for at an open house. As a seller, you should plan ahead to make sure each area is in top shape for the best results.

So what details are buyers going to be paying most attention to at your open house? According to the Washington Post article, buyers will be closely examining your front door, trim and fascia, and roof for signs of damage and wear and tear—as well as scoping out the basement, plumbing, and windows. Buyers will also be on the lookout for any signs of flooding in the house and, if your home has a fireplace, whether it’s up to code.

The Takeaway:

Knowing what buyers are going to be looking for gives you the opportunity to address those issues before your open house—which can dramatically increase the chance of getting your house sold.

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