Ever wonder how to get more use out of the staircase in your house? Look no further. There are many creative ways to make this space useful, while staying classy. Enjoy these ideas for turning that proverbial lump of coal into a diamond for your home.

For the knick-knack collectors among us.

Too brainy for your old book space? Here’s a great way to expand your library.

Children under the stairs anyone? Kidding!

No shoe rules in your house? This is a great idea for keeping shoes out of sight, yet keeping them close to the entrance.

Super stylish idea to display your wine collection. Bonus points if it’s temperature controlled.

No need to put your favorite pet out in the cold, once you see how snugly that is!

Here’s another one with an outside view.

Depending on the staircase, you might be able to pull off the perfect sized powder room.

Here’s for making sure kids and unwanted guests don’t mess with your woman cave.

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