Introducing ‘The Pallet Home’: A Tiny Home You Can Build In Less Than A Day Using Basic Tools

In this crazy world of climate extremes and tectonic “shake, rattle and rolling,” we humans have had to adapt to emergencies in a variety of ways. One of those ways includes emergency shelters. Of course, we have tents and community shelters as options. Tents are only so sturdy, and shelters can only hold so many people.

What’s one to do if we end up having a San Andreas moment, and require shelter for many at once?

The company i-Beam Design has answered that question with an innovative home made of pallets.

Best of all, it takes very little construction experience (you can buy plans here for $75), and can be constructed within a day with basic tools.

The home can be upgraded in a number of ways. You can add insulation, AC, and any other improvement that works in harmony with a house made of pallet planks.

I-Beam Design originally intended these shelters for refugees returning to Kosovo.

The homes are also modular based, making them far more customizable for suiting specific needs.

Here’s a concept image of how a community of these makeshift shelters can be placed together.

As long as the emergency isn’t a ravenous horde of zombies, a pallet home will give you a sense of security until you can return to the comfort of your own homes.

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