Considering A Remodel? This Pantry Thingamabob Will Make You Reconsider Traditional Cabinetry

Kitchens can always stand to use more storage space, especially if you have a large family and especially when your home doesn’t have a pantry. Well, I found one of the mightiest kitchen cabinets set up around. It’s mammoth in fact. Check out the photos below for a dream cabinet inspiration session. Which one would you prefer?

The main attraction for this article is the Neptune Grand Larder Unit. This cabinet-on-steroids has more storage than you can shake a loaf of french bread at.

When the cabinets are closed, one can barely imagine the host of culinary collections it stores within.

This larder (a British pantry term) acts as a stately centerpiece that can blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen setup.

When you open it up, you have spice racks, slide out drawers, canned and bottled good shelves, nooks for baked goods, appliance shelving, and all within convenient reach.

If you want one for yourself, find it at Richard F. Mackay Furniture and Carpets.

Here are some other mega-storage units that suit other kitchen styles. This dark wooden one looks like it could shelve enough canned goods to last you a year!

Even your cookware and random cleaning supplies can take up residence in this culinary hotel.

Is that a storage space, or an extra kitchen?!

These drawers just keep going and going and going.

Try not to get lost in there!

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