Taking A Virtual Tour? Be On The Lookout For These Potential Problems In The Bathroom

Virtual tours are more popular than ever. And while you can definitely get a sense of the look and feel of a home over video, there are certain details (and potential issues!) that you might miss—especially in the bathroom.

A recent article from realtor.com outlined bathroom problems that buyers might not immediately spot during a video tour, including:

  • Too few outlets – Most people need outlets in their bathroom (for example, to plug in a hairdryer or an electric shaver)—but many older houses are sparse on outlets. Make sure to ask your agent how many outlets are in the bathroom and where they’re located.
  • A small shower – Judging the size of a shower can be hard on video—so if you’re on the market for a spacious shower, ask your agent to measure the shower space and ensure it’s large enough to suit your needs.
  • Mildew – Mildew in the shower can speak to ventilation issues—but unless you ask your real estate agent to zoom in on the shower grout, you won’t be able to determine if there’s mildew present. Have your agent zoom in on the shower grout so you can get a sense of the condition.

The Takeaway:

So, what does this mean for you? A virtual tour can be a great way to see a potential property if you can’t be there in person, but just make sure you understand the potential bathroom problems that you might not catch on video—and ask your real estate agent to confirm that those problems aren’t an issue in person.

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